My budget was pretty basic. I paid for rent, utilities, gas, cellphone, and had a savings account. I also put $300 at a time right into my credit card debt for six months until I paid it off in full. During this project I worked two jobs and really cut down on my spending. I made a little over $14,250 a year after taxes, which put me in the “poverty” category. But while it wasn’t a lot, I always had enough leftover to buy whatever I needed. And I was fortunate enough that my parents paid for things such as car insurance.

After I paid off my debt in January 2011 and got my federal taxes back, I had more than enough money in savings. Now, my circumstances have changed in such a way that I make enough to dabble in some investments, manage a small business, and purchase property. It can be done, and that’s why I’ve left this blog sitting here chronicling my progress. All it takes is hard work, determination, and a positive outlook, and anyone can be debt free and on the road to financial success.