Next week, something awesome will happen.

I will get paid, and then after paying all of my bills, including paying down my debt, I will have plenty of money left over.

Now, this might not sound like much to most of you, because you’d sort of expect to have money left over after you’ve just gotten paid, but I’ve had to cut down my hours at the restaurant since I started a new job in October someplace else and I’ve been playing catch up ever since.

At one point, I had $40 to my name after I paid everything down and that was very frustrating for me, especially because I’ve always worked hard to never get to that point. But I’ve been very strict about paying down my debt, even when I’m almost broke, and I will not waver until it is 100% paid off. This past month was just another little test and I seem to have passed because I am all caught up now and feeling better than ever. Just two more months to go.

I’ve also been shopping around for used cars again. I’ve talked to a credit union and they have a deal going on right now that allows you to postpone loan payments for 90 days. This is a perfect opportunity. In 90 days I will be debt free, and I can then use some of the money that would have gone towards my old debt into this new car payment without having to move my budget around too much. Ideally I would love to just ignore the car buying situation altogether. I really enjoy driving a car that I don’t have to pay for every month. But my car is old, getting to the point where it’s beyond repair, and I’ll be sorry to replace it. It’s lasted a good 9 years without any serious mechanical problems, but I think now is the best time to buy a car and I’m taking advantage of the opportunity.