I have a few more mini-projects to tackle, and I’ve mentioned how they’ve been put on hold while I gather the funds, and then it occurred to me that I could just make do with something I already have for the Landing Strip mini-project. So I should be working on that tomorrow night and hopefully be able to post a little update on that very soon. I still need to buy a few things, but it won’t be as expensive as what I originally had in mind.

These past three months have been challenging, but rewarding. I have two months left to make credit card payments and I will officially be debt free… until I buy a car, that is. I really wish I didn’t have to get a car, because I would love to not have to pay money every month for five years, but unfortunately I need a car to get around and the one I’m driving is on its last legs. And I really want to invest in a car that will last me a good 7-10 years, so I have to stick to newer cars. That will be my only debt, however, until I decide to buy a home. Both are big purchases that require a lot of thinking.

I’ve been meaning to update with a Recent Gems post and just haven’t gotten around to it. Here are some articles that interested me these past couple of weeks:

Retiring Wealthy On An Average Salary: The Story Of The Sensible Social Worker

Jane M Buri, a school social worker, spent nearly four decades fighting to keep kids in class. She tracked students to their homes, found them shoes, meals, jackets, and returned the truants to their teachers. She never married, never had children, never missed a day of work. All the while, she was quietly building a small fortune. Buri died at 84 with $1.4m to her name.

6 Shopping Tips Without Coupons

The Cabin – Sweeden

A gorgeous cabin in the middle of the woods.

Deal or No Deal? Comparing Dollar Stores to Walmart & Others

…[L]ast week I decided to spend a few hours and do a little comparison shopping in order to try and find out some of the best bargains dollar stores have to offer – and perhaps sniff out a few items that you might be better off getting somewhere else.