The inspiration for this entry came from a post in the Sustainable Life Blog. Basically a Life List is a list of things you’d like to do if you had extra money laying around. It’s been a few years since I’ve done a list like this, actually. I don’t even remember the things I had in my old list but I’m sure I’ll repeat myself at least once or twice here.

1. Travel. This is one of my favorite things to do. I’d like to visit at least 10 states: New York, Tennessee, Montana, Oregon, California, Texas, Hawaii, Alaska, Nevada, and Colorado and tons of other countries: Italy, Spain, United Kingdom, Australia, France, Sweden, and Greece.

2. Invest in properties. If I had a ton of money, this is one of the first things I would do: invest. The real estate market is obviously not in its best shape right now (in the United States, at least), but I still think real estate is a great investment. Whether it’s buying homes, condos, or a duplex to rent or purchasing a commercial property for leasing there’s good money to be made.

3. Purchase a home (or two). I like the idea of having a home already paid for on my own land and being able to sell it off if I ever needed to. It’s a great asset and one less thing to worry about.

4. Pay off my parent’s home. My mother is well on her way to doing this on her own, but if I had the money I would definitely do this as soon as I could. It would be one less stress on my parents and a nice little retirement gift on my part.

5. Donate to charities. This is one of the items on the Sustainable Life Blog, and I couldn’t agree more. Some charities I’d like to donate to are the Conservation Fund, Green Corps, Scholarship America, Second Harvest, and Habitat for Humanity.

With the exception of paying off my parent’s mortgage, I can definitely see myself completing all of these before I get old and gray. That just makes it more exciting. What’s on your Life List?