I’ve finally finished the second mini-project: the pantry! I wish I had a Before picture of the pantry in our old apartment to show you. It was easily four times the size of the one we have now and it was about 70% full. It had two mirrored doors on one wall that opened on both sides (something like this but wider), and we filled up 70% of the right side with food and the other 30% had random things, appliances, linens, etc. It was ridiculously huge.

We knew that the new pantry wasn’t going to be big enough for all of the food we had already, so we gave most of it away, leaving us with two boxes of food (that was the first big decluttering project for us!). Giving that food away was the best thing we could’ve done. Most of the things we had in the old pantry hadn’t been used for weeks and was likely never to be used again, which is wasteful and makes me a little sad. It was a lesson learned, though; I put a lot more thought into what I buy at the grocery store now. We’ve done a couple of thoughtful shopping trips in the month we’ve been here and the pantry is being used regularly–something I’m very proud of.

Alright, that’s enough pantry talk! Now for the big reveal:

Ta-da! It’s a tiny pantry, isn’t it? I actually like that about it–it keeps me in check :) It’s not very organized, except for the last little shelf down at the bottom and half of the second to last shelf. Those hold all of my sister’s baking goods (she’s a pastry student). I’ve put the items that I use sparingly in the back, leaving room for those that I reach for the most in the front. That’s about it, as far as organization goes. I’m curious to know if anyone else has a ‘system’ they have in place?

This mini-project was a work in progress since we moved in, and we’ve been slowly adding things as we go. Right now it holds everything we need with space for more. I believe it’s the perfect size pantry for two people, and it works great for us.