When I first started this blog, I was concerned about this being seen as a typical “simple living” blog–the kind where the author gives you specific tips on living with less, being self-employed, making money on the internet to have more time to do what you love, etc. There’s nothing wrong with blogs like that, of course. I subscribe to a bunch of them myself. I just hope I’m not disappointing anyone when they visit this blog and realize it’s just a personal project.

I began this blog as a personal project for two reasons: one) because I needed a space online where I could hold myself accountable and keep track of my progress, and two) I’m not an expert. If it wasn’t for these minimalist/finance blogs I would not have even begun this decluttering project in the first place. Some of these people have hit rock bottom and have built themselves up by sheer will and determination, and they’re willing to share what they’ve learned with others (for free). I for one am very glad they take the time to do so.

I admit a lot of the content is rehashed and certain topics have been talked about a hundred times, but I don’t see myself unsubscribing any time soon. In the midst of these typical blog posts I find some real gems that end up helping me out a lot.

Some recent gems that I’ve come across are How to Replace Six Vital Documents and DIY Mold and Mildew Removal, two topics that taught me a lot and I can put to good use right now. And there’s a lot more where those came from.

I’m thinking of posting little gems like these every now and then. Let me know if that would interest you!