I had to make a run to the grocery store today and I decided to make things a little more fun by challenging myself to buying as much as I could for $25 or l ess. I took advantage of some Buy 1, Get 1 Free sales and ended up saving about $9 but I didn’t make it to $25. I actually spent $27.35, which I think is pretty good, but I really wanted to get as much as I could under $25 so I was a little disappointed. Maybe next time!

Here’s what I got:

Italian Salad Mix and Triple Hearts Blend – $3.69 (Buy 1 Get 1 Free)
2 Premium Red Plums – .59
2 Golden Apples – $1.67
Light Ranch – $2.00
Oatmeal packs – $2.29
Pineapple slices – $1.66
Avocado – $1.50
Bananas – .96
3 packs of Ramen – .66
2 packs of Chips Ahoy – $3.69 (Buy 1 Get 1 Free)
Toasted Oats cereal (Cheerios dupe) – $2.19
Ice Cream – $2.99
6 Eggs – .80
Half gallon of Milk – $2.45

Total with tax: $27.35

I couldn’t pass up the Chips Ahoy cookies — $1.86 a pack is unheard of! I always make sure to take a few treats with me so that I don’t feel so deprived, but I think next time I’ll definitely pass up on cookies. I’m also considering buying regular lettuce and just breaking it down myself rather than buying it in bags. I think that would save me a buck or two.

The groceries I bought today will last me about two weeks, maybe three (in the case of the oatmeal packets). These groceries are just for me, which is probably why I usually spend so little. I’m sure if I had a family of four to feed things would be different. I also eat lunch/dinner four days a week when I work at the restaurant, so that’s one less meal I have to plan for those four days. It definitely helps. Sometimes I’ll bring food home (since it’s free) and just eat some leftovers instead of eating out.