I’m in the process of moving apartments right now. We have tons of boxes laying around the house filled with things we don’t use frequently but are still taking with us (pots and pans, for example). In order to reduce all of the things in the boxes I’ve been making the rounds and asking myself three things:

  • Have I used this in the past month? Three months? Ever?
  • Could someone else benefit from this since I don’t?
  • Do I own anything similar or can I do the same thing or get the same results with something more affordable?

Answering these questions really helps me decide on what to keep and what to throw away or donate. It sounds easy to do, this practice of “just throw away everything!” but it’s really hard when you think about the money you spent, the many times you told yourself you should have used it and never did, etc. And this becomes a lot worse when your mind tries to trick you into keeping things you never use. You start thinking:

“But what if I really want to make *insert random meal* and I need *obscure cooking utensil*?”
“Everyone needs a cheese knife! At least, that’s what my sister says. And she buys lots of cheese.”
“I can definitely get some use out of this empty shoebox.” (Except not really.)

Before, I would give in to these thoughts as well as others and sometimes I would give in too easily. It’s different now. Now I’m forced to make a decision because not only am I moving and don’t want to carry more than I have to, but I’m also trying to slowly transition into a more minimalist lifestyle. And we all know that the goal is to own less which means I have to do a lot of decluttering. A lot.

I make the rounds every other day or so and every time something else leaves a box. And every time it gets easier and easier to just let go. I’m confident that we’ll end up taking all of the necessary essentials and only those to our new apartment, and we’ll be a lot happier because of it.