I decided to open a WordPress blog to chronicle my decluttering project because I didn’t want to overwhelm my livejournal friends with a ton of posts where I basically talk about throwing most of my things away and why I’m doing it.

This blog will include:

  • My progress in the Decluttering Plan I made for myself (I’ll talk about this plan in a little bit)
  • How I’m trimming the excess in every area of my life (financially, for the most part) and some ideas on how you can do it too
  • How I work towards becoming financially independent and how I invest my money
  • Purchases and how I work towards buying them while still being frugal
  • My personal budget and savings goal
  • Interesting articles that I’ve found around the web that deal with finances, debt consolidation, minimalist living, etc.
  • My 700 sq. ft. apartment, and how I make it work for two people

So you see how posts like these can confuse my livejournal friends, seeing as this is a complete 360 from what I used to write about in my personal journal.

This journal will last as long as my Decluttering Plan does. Maybe a few weeks, or a few months, or more than that, I’m not sure. It all depends on how hard I’m willing to work and the serious changes I decide to make in these coming months.